In this blog you’ll find all of your favourite asian color coded lyrics.

If you want me to do some lyrics in particular, just let me know in the ‘Requests Section’ and I will do it as soon as possible!

Thank you for visiting.

13 thoughts on “About

    • I love your Blog! Can I have a suggest. Will you please put G-Dragon’s New album lyrics and Taeyangie’s Eyes, Nose, Lips.. too? Also his Collab with Tablo.😀 Thank you!

  1. Your blog is just pure PERFECTION for me… and I would like to make a request..
    I will really appreciate it if you post lyrics on Urban Zakapa’s new album…(just ‘Play’ and ‘메일 메일 메일’ cuz the whole album is a bit much)…♡♥♡♥♡ thank you…

  2. I so love your blog. The names are put on it even though it’s color coded already unlike in CCL, you put it manually. With your blog, I can do my LRC files instantly. Thank you.

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